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Build It The Wright Way

"People put themselves out of business before they get started by not having systems and a structure in place." - Gwennetta Wright

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So You Have A Great Business or Great Business Idea, Now What?

Many aspiring and growing business owners thrive off the excitement of starting a new business venture while missing the critical steps to launching companies created with longevity in mind.


Building your business The Wright Way™ helps you to start with the end in mind, by creating a business blueprint that allows you to show up in the marketplace for the long-haul. It focuses on creating structures that allow you to maximize productivity, automate systems, and optimize your strengths for continual growth and expansion. The Wright Way™ to build a business is through strategic blueprint building with structure and systems. 


You’ll experience the honest truth about the highs and lows of entrepreneurship and business building from an entrepreneur with actual operation experience building business with million dollar revenue from the ground up. Working with Gwennetta Wright you cut the learning curve, receiving her ten years in business development and entrepreneurship. You’ll benefit immensely from her successes and failures.  


Clients working with her also enjoy her down-to-earth entertaining personality. You’ll enjoy working hard on your business when you do business The Wright Way.™

Join The Million Dollar Movement With Gwennetta
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It's Time To Say Yes

When you say YES to working with Gwennetta Wright, you are saying YES to creating solid business foundation established to meet your business goals, leave a legacy to generations to come, and to impact the world around you.


You are saying YES to moving out of your own way and taking bold steps of faith to do business in deep water. You are saying YES to birthing your million-dollar business blueprint.



Natasha Markets

CEO, Think Global Solutions

“When I think of Gwen I think of WIN! Gwen mentored me towards the end of my pregnancy, coaching me through action items and action plans. She was very thorough and effective. With her busy schedule, she always made time to check in on me as well as give me a phone call to follow up on my goals. Gwen's coaching style is more like a mentorship for entrepreneurs who need a "Been there let me save you 5 years" type of coach. Thank you so much Gwen for being in my corner when I needed someone the most!”


Gwennetta is a STRETCHER! She stretches your faith, your work ethic and your hunger to put action behind your dreams. Working with Gwennetta in business has allowed me to delete "can't" from my vocabulary and to ALWAYS look for the "how." Her candid ability to compassionately communicate and call out the things that keep you from being successful have helped me move out of medical retirement and back into doing what I was called to do. 

Daniela Gabrielle


Development Centers

Gwennetta has encouraged and taught me a lot as an entrepreneur. She took me under her wing because she saw something in me that I wasn't sure I had. Whenever I needed that pep talk to get my head back in the game she was always there. The most valuable lesson I’ve learned from her in regards to entrepreneurship is that there is no time for excuses; you just have to get it done. The teaching techniques she uses let's you know that she cares. Gwennetta Wright is a God fearing woman, a boss, a mogul and a friend. In the near future she will be known worldwide. I am proud to know and to have worked with a caring leader.

Shakera Mccrory

CEO, Lips and Lace, LLC

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